Welcome to the Leinster Primary Bullying Wiki

Here you will find a collaborative workspace that you and your group will be able to use to complete the tasks.

The idea behind using a wiki is to:
~have a one stop shop for all aspects of the task.bullying-story.jpg
~provide a space that lets you can help each other.
~give you the chance to keep working outside class time.
~help discuss the task through the Discussion pages.
~use ICT to support your learning.

Remember, everything can be tracked and repaired if you make a mistake.

Your group will need to complete Bullying Task 1.
Bullying Task 2 is an extension task for those who get up to it.
You will have 5 weeks to complete the tasks and will have enough class time to complete it.

Each group has a page which will be where information will be created and uploaded - see the Navigation Bar on the right.

Please begin by introducing yourself via the Discussion Button on this page and add to these discussions when asked by your teacher as well as whenever you wish.

Have fun and good luck!
~Mr Wade